Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ideas

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January 29, 2018
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Weekday mornings are busy (can I get an Amen?!) and Valentine’s Day lands on a Wednesday this year. Not only will I be running around making sure lunches are made and teeth are brushed, but I’ll have to make sure Valentine’s are named and put together for exchanges at school, the girls are in their special Valentine dresses I bought specially for this day, and oh yeah, we have to eat breakfast! This can’t be just any breakfast, it has to be Valentine’s Day themed because super mom! Just kidding! Work smarter, not harder fellow moms

This Valentine’s Day breakfast is super simple, easy to do, quick, and still looks like you poured your heart into it. I used everything pre-made to lessen the “chore”, depending on Annie’s Cinnamon Rolls and Stoneyfield Strawberry Smoothie for a quick breakfast.

For Heart-Shaped Cinnamon Rolls:
Unpackage cinnamon rolls. One by one, unwind the cinnamons rolls into long strips of dough.
Take the ends of the strips and start coiling inward on both ends until ¾ ways down.
With hands, press two coils together and pull down middle of strip to make a point. Pinch point so the bottom makes a “V”.
Cook according to package.
When cooked, ice cinnamons rolls and add Valentine sprinkles.
Serve hot to smiling family!

Smoothies in champagne glasses (Don’t tell Dorit! Any Real Housewives of BH fan?!) and chopped strawberries and raspberries give this breakfast the perfect red finishing touches.

Alexandria Ayres-Metallo
Alexandria Ayres-Metallo
Alexandria “Alex” is a mother of two little girls who have both encouraged and frustrated her, ruined all her makeup, deprived her of sleep, and awakened her to what life is all about. On top of writing a blog and being a mom, she owns two businesses with her high school sweetheart turned husband. Alex loves blogging about all these things totally consuming her and making her a little crazy. You can follow her at Al2getherFIT.

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