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January 22, 2018
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January 26, 2018

While there is nothing magical about January 1st (fave quote from Lara Casey), there is something to be said about the excitement that a new year brings & allowing for a fresh start! Whether it’s goal setting or picking a word to focus on, there are so many ways to achieve a clean slate & reset.  Here are a few simple ways I have been making 2018 the year I get back to basics & center in on what matters most!


I don’t know about you but my email inbox can get DOUBLE O.C! Out of control!!! Signing up for irresistible giveaways or discounts in the past have created a monster of yuck. Enter in: unroll.me! This hack has been around for awhile but it’s a practice I am planning on starting every quarter versus just once a year. It’s a one stop shop for you to unsubscribe from all the junk. I notice a major difference in the days following. Less advertising & enticing messages to buy, buy, buy! Give this a shot, it’s free & easy.

The second tool I have been using since I’ve owned an iPhone is: Notes! This very basic pre- loaded app recently got an update that has transformed my household. Notes now has the ability to add a person! I added my husband to two Notes: one for personal/house/finance goals & our grocery list. No need to send n update every time. As long as that person opened up the shared note & is connected to the internet, the Note will be automatically synced. Life changing!

A fellow mom friend passed down some wisdom she received from Pinterest: organize school clothing for the week! This hack did cost me money (but remember I saved you some on the ones above 😂). I purchased a rolling 5 drawer storage chest & while I sort through laundry, I fill each drawer. Each drawer contained both of my children’s outfits for each day. This makes our mornings run smoothly especially since before we would eat up an additional 10-15minutes looking for matching socks. It’s all there now & the good news is my 5 year old son is becoming more independent & now grabs his own clothes. Win win & totally worth the investment if you do not have an existing system!

I hope that some of these simple ideas help you get a fresh start!

Some extra inspiration:

What I watched: Minimalism – A Documentary About The Important Things

What I’m listening to: Miracle Morning for Parents & Families

What I’m reading: A Simplified Life – Tactical Tools for Intentional Living

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