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If you’re a parent, you’ve definitely experienced cabin fever with your children. Maybe it’s rainy outside, maybe it’s just too cold for your Floridian self, maybe your kids (or you!) are sick. Or, as we can all attest to experiencing, maybe you just don’t feel like it.

I try to take Max out for activities at least once a day. This can be chalk drawings on the sidewalk or a trip to the museum. Sometimes we just get out for lunch (he loves to eat out just like his mama.) We’ve done playgrounds and swimming pools and   soccer in the front yard.

Max, at 18 months, is at the age when he wants to explore and learn while also practicing his independence. With all of this, my husband and I came up with a simple DIY that will encourage Max to learn. (By the way, we are not “DIY-ers” and in fact, I tend to shy away from it unless you count watching HGTV.)

We received this book as a gift and decided to make it more interactive by going to Michael’s and purchasing a pack of foam letters and numbers, as well as sheets of felt. This book is fantastic on its own, but Max really enjoys pairing the foam letters and numbers with the pages in the book. This keeps him going for a while and he can pair every single letter now, and says a number of them!

We then used the felt sheets to trace and cut out the shapes on another page in the book and he paired those as well. These helped him learn his shapes and colors and he really enjoys the sense of accomplishment.

Are there any activities you’d recommend for a good day indoors? Let us know in the comments!

Jennifer Buggica
Jennifer Buggica
Jennifer is a Tampa native currently residing in Riverview with her husband and newborn son, Max. Motherhood is new to her and she's completely loving it, even during the late night witching hour of ceaseless fussing. Jennifer works full time in Marketing for a local credit union, but her true passion is her food blog, The Foodie Patootie, where she cooked through all of the national food holidays in 2014 and continues to introduce her readers to wholesome recipes as often as possible.

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