DIY Christmas Ornaments

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November 28, 2017
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December 4, 2017

These handmade personalized ornaments are perfect for 2017 to make its mark on your tree.

I purchased a few Christmas craft supplies from Amazon and JoAnn Fabric store and ended up with numerous different DIY Christmas ornaments. My kid’s creativity never ceases to amaze me. They loved to create their own ornaments with drawings, their names/initials, handprints, etc. Then they had the excitement of hanging them on the tree afterwards.

It’s a great craft for those days off of school or weekend mornings. Create precious keepsakes with these easy-to-make ornaments.

What You Need: (Some Links Provided)

Clear Plastic Ornaments

Mason Jar caps

Cotton pompoms

Pipe cleaners

Fake snow

Craft Paint

Letter Stickers

Christmas wreaths using mason jar caps 
Use pipe cleaners to wrap around cap. Use glue or paint to stick pom-poms on wreath.
Fill-your-own Ornaments 
Everyone can fill ornaments with whatever they desire that fits through cap. Think outside the box and fill with anything from leaves and sticks to glitter and toys!
Filled Ornaments with monograms
Use stickers to put your monogram on your already filled ornaments.
Snowman Fingerprint Ornaments
Use white paint and create a handprint on your ormanet. Use a permanent marker to create eyes, buttons, and a top hat on each finger snowman. Remember to write the child’s name and year on the bottom!
Dip & Drip Ornaments 
Take cap off the top of your ornament. Pour paint into a bowl. Dip and sbirlthe bottom of your ornament into the paint. Turn ornament upside down and place onto flat surface. (You can use a cup if your ornament won’t stay upright by itself.) Let dry.


Alexandria Ayres-Metallo
Alexandria Ayres-Metallo
Alexandria “Alex” is a mother of two little girls who have both encouraged and frustrated her, ruined all her makeup, deprived her of sleep, and awakened her to what life is all about. On top of writing a blog and being a mom, she owns two businesses with her high school sweetheart turned husband. Alex loves blogging about all these things totally consuming her and making her a little crazy. You can follow her at Al2getherFIT.

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