Simple DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

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September 30, 2017
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October 11, 2017

It’s a spooktacular time of year and we were thrilled to have been recently invited on Great Day Tampa Bay to share our tips for simple and DIY Halloween costumes that you may already have in your closet! We love making costumes and love it even more if it costs less than $7!

The best rule of thumb for DIY costumes is if you have to buy an accessory or item of clothing to create the costume, keep the cost minimal or purchase something that you will be able to use again!

Here are some of our favorites and make sure to watch the news segment to learn just how you can create them:

Cops & Robber Costume (Semi-Homemade):

Baby-Moji (DIY Emoji Costume):

The Athlete (DIY Football PLayer or Baseball Player)  & DIY Lady Bug Costume (T-shirt Costume)”:


Don’t forget to watch the video up top to learn how to easily make these!


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