5 Tips to Prepare For Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

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5 Tips to Prepare For Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

My husband & I recently took our 2 boys (ages 3 and 5) to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. Here are my top 5 tips for helping you prepare for this event!5 Tips to Prepare For Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

Dress comfortably! I left the costume decision to my 5 year old. He wanted all of the family to dress up as the Justice League….so we did. I was able to find character shirts with logos, and then just paired them with comfortable bottoms and sneakers. As opposed to the full on costume. It’s Florida, we don’t have fall weather – it’s going to be a sweaty evening if you’re in long sleeves with layers of clothing on. Also, the forecast for the day was looking terrible – I really thought we’d have to party in the rain. The rain officially stopped at 6:15pm, and was clear the rest of the evening. So check the forecast, and pack the ponchos / umbrellas if necessary! (Yes, you can take an umbrella in the park!)

Definitely bring your stroller! My boys slept off and on throughout the entire evening. You really want to make it to the very end – those tickets aren’t cheap, so maximize that spending! In fact, you’ll discover as I did, that there is so much to see & do that 5 hours is really not enough. (The party officially starts at 7pm and ends at midnight. You can enter the park with your party ticket at 4pm though!) Use your best discretion for whether you think your child is “too young”. We passed by a few newborns in fact! You don’t need a ticket for children 2 years and younger. Disney uses the honor system, so even if you are questioned in regards to your child’s age, you do not have to show documentation to prove their age.

We ate dinner before hand. You can even bring in your own dinner if you’d like! We didn’t want to mess with food lines at the party, so we opted to bring snacks and plan for dinner before. However, there are exclusive snack items for this event – which we missed out on because we were literally racing around the park trying to see everything. You can find all the food details on Disney’s main website as well as in the event map upon entering the park.

As soon as you get in the park, grab a map, check the showtimes / parade times / fireworks time, and then plan your evening! The map does not tell you what characters are where, there are only icons indicating character stops. The map also indicates where the trick or treat stops are, along with merchandise, and magic shot locations. There are two showings of the stage show and the parade, and only one fireworks show. If the kids are not interested in the shows, catch the later one (chances are the kids will be asleep, and you’ll get better viewing because the early shows normally get the bigger crowds).

5 Tips to Prepare For Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

If you don’t already have it, download the My Disney Experience app – – it will update throughout the evening giving you character locations for some of the characters out in the park. Not all of the characters available for meet & greets will be listed in the app however….hence why the map is somewhat handy because you can see where the character spots are, just not which characters will be where. Also, be prepared for long lines for the characters! Divide and conquer if necessary. If you’re going with the intent to also ride rides, you will not need fast passes. Lines for characters took longer than lines for the rides.

This event is allergy friendly! My 5 year old had a teal colored treat bag given to him, upon cast members being told of his food allergy. At each trick or treat stop, he was given tokens as opposed to the candies. The tokens can then be turned in for an allergy friendly treat. I can’t tell you what that treat is because my son was in love with the tokens! (There was nothing special about them, just teal tokens.) So my youngest went home with a bag of candy and my oldest went home with a bag of tokens!

Have any specific questions? Post them below! Feel free to add your own tips in the comments as well!

Nicole Brinson
Nicole Brinson
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