Decorative Farmhouse Shelf: A Nap Time DIY

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My husband & I love doing DIY projects! Here is a fun shelf project that you could easily tackle during a nap time.

This was a bare wall for about 7 years, in our home. I could never find quite the perfect furniture piece, nor decor for this wall. It’s not a huge wall, but it was just a tough decorating decision. Luckily my husband & I both love rustic decor, and thankfully he is very handy! Once we decided that shelves would be the way to go for this wall, we both took to the internet for ideas. Ironically, we both stumbled upon Shanty 2 Chic which has a ton of DIY projects on their website, including plans. These shelves were adapted from their project, which you can find HERE.

We happened to have left over wood, but ultimately you will need 4 pieces of wood in your desired length of shelf. We went with 42” shelves. In the original plans, they used wood glue, my husband opted to drill our boards together. We also anchored them in the wall to the stud, due to the weight. You can use an anchor, but for our sanity, we just located the stud.

This project was easily tackled during our boys’ nap time one Saturday. Here is the other hardware you will need per shelf:

  • 2 eye bolts (size ¼” x 2 ½”)
  • 2 rope hooks (size 3 ½”)
  • 2 turn buckles (size 5/16” x 9”)

You can pick up that hardware at any hardware store for under $10. While you’re there, pick up a can of rustoleum spray paint for the hardware (unless you like the shiny nickel color).

Once your shelves are up, now is the fun part of decorating! I had all of this decor buried in our guest room. The faux succulents I picked up at Michaels during one of their 50% off plant sales. The tiny mercury jars were a Target clearance find! The “B” marquee sign is from Nordstrom (but you can find these nearly anywhere!). The “bloom” vase is from the Target dollar section. So my suggestion to you, see what you have buried that you can repurpose. And of course, when in need, hit up Target, Home Goods, Ross, etc for any of those random decor items!

Are you a take it or leave it DIY-er? What decor style do you lean towards in your home?

Happy DIY-ing!




Decorative Farmhouse Shelf DIY

Nicole Brinson
Nicole Brinson
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