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Max is teething. He’s angry and upset and not so happy lately. It’s a phase I imagine all parents go through, and I have to say … it’s not easy. Before I received this Happy Baby box to review, I tried the Happy Baby teething wafers on the suggestion of a friend who was also in the middle of teething baby season with her son.


At the time, Max had only tried very (very) pureed foods and so the thought – for a first time mom, especially – of giving him something that was cracker-esque was a little bit nerve-wracking. We were in the middle of a restaurant when I first tried the Banana and Sweet Potato flavored wafers and, in all honesty, I didn’t know if I should give him some Happy Baby or not in that moment.

Then I did.


And he was happy!

In the month since, Max is Happy Baby’s biggest fan. We’ve gone from that first flavor to Pea and Spinach to Blueberry and Purple Carrot. He sits in his high chair and reaches his hand out for his Happy Baby wafers and then, if he doesn’t get them fast enough for his liking, it gets loud in our house. Do NOT keep Max from his Happy Baby wafers.


Max is very fair to all Happy Baby flavors. He’s very much not discriminatory to any wafer flavor, or Happy Baby cereal, or Happy Baby puffs, or Happy Baby pouches. You get the idea, right?


We hadn’t given Max any cereal prior to receiving the Happy Baby cereal, so we weren’t too sure what he’d think of it, but he loved that, too! It was pretty amusing to actually have a meal plan (kind of) for him. We got up together and had breakfast – him with his cereal (optimized with probiotics and DHA) and me with my eggs and toast – and then got to play games and go about our day until snack time, when we broke into some more Happy Baby treats.


And then, the best part, the Happy Family brand has a cookbook. It’s organized by age (3+ months, 6+ months, 12 months) to guide you in making your baby’s food. This is an important feature for me because I’m still in the “question everything” phase (does that ever go away?)

I decided to make their Avocado, Kiwi & Kale Yogurt recipe, and can you guess what he thought? Because it’s par for the course. He loved everything!

Also, Max loves Happy Baby rice cakes and yogurt melts. I gave him both at the same time, and he actually didn’t know what to do with himself. Like which treat do you go for first? Ah, the trials and tribulations of being an infant. Happy Family also supplied us with a very handy tote bag and shirt, so Max can sport his gear professing his love for this really wonderful brand.



Now for the goods. As if my child’s individual case didn’t convince you to try what this company has to offer, let’s discuss the benefits of Happy Family!

1. It’s organic.
2. Happy Family doesn’t have items just for baby. They also have items for toddlers and kiddos who are a little older, too …up to three years.
3. There’s a prenatal line!
4. You can sign up to receive monthly bundles. The delivery will include customized organic food and snacks for a child’s first two years.
5. Best of all, Happy Family is mom-founded. The company was started on Mother’s Day in 2006.


Have you tried Happy Baby with your child, or the prenatal line for yourself? What has been your (and/or your child’s) favorite product?

Jennifer Buggica
Jennifer Buggica
Jennifer is a Tampa native currently residing in Riverview with her husband and newborn son, Max. Motherhood is new to her and she's completely loving it, even during the late night witching hour of ceaseless fussing. Jennifer works full time in Marketing for a local credit union, but her true passion is her food blog, The Foodie Patootie, where she cooked through all of the national food holidays in 2014 and continues to introduce her readers to wholesome recipes as often as possible.

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