Adventures in Decorating! A Design Solution for a Shared Kids Bedroom

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Last month my husband had this crazy (and I say crazy!) idea to move our two boys into the same room with a bunk bed. They are ages 4 and 2 (that’s age 2 as of October 2nd!). Once I calmed down from the absolute shock of my boys being in bunk beds, I decided to take to to Pinterest (in typical fashion) to get some ideas. You can see my two theme boards HERE and HERE. I was deciding between a rustic/camp theme or a “Superhero” theme, and ended up combining the two ideas.

























I scheduled a photo session for the boys right before school started for superhero-themed photos with the amazing BJ of Capturing Wonder Photography. She took my idea and ran with it full force! We got some amazing shots that HAD to be included in the decor.


My 4 year old loves dressing up, so I used his costumes as decorations as well. The wall hanger is from IKEA, and it is seriously the best purchase ever! Not only does it serve as decor, but it also promotes tidiness! He knows to hang up his costumes when he is done.

My terrible shopping addiction really helped out, because during one of Michaels’ big frame sales earlier this year, I was able to buy poster frames (the 24×36) size for $10! Which of course have been taking up residence in a back closet until needed. Finally, the day arrived. I removed the backing & plexi glass front, and created this “clothesline frame” of some of my favorite shots from the photo shoot.

Steps for Creating Your Own Clothesline Frame:
1. Grab a frame, I chose to use a 24×36 poster size, but you could use as small as an 11×14 (just coordinate the picture size)
2. Remove glass and backing (you will not be using this)
3. Use any kind of roping or twine, turn the frame over (to where the back is facing you), and lay out the twine how you want it to look. I personally wanted a “drapey” look, so I allowed for slack in the middle. You could make it more taught if you’d like.
4. Secure down one side of the roping or twine using a hammer and small nail or carpet tack. (Carpet tacks work really well!) I found it best to wrap the twine around the carpet tack twice before hammering it down into the frame.
5. Once you’ve determined the amount of twine you need, wrap the twine around carpet tack / nail twice (or more depending on thickness), and then hammer down.
6. Trim off any excess twine
7. Decorate using clothespins


Here is where I ordered the rest of the room decor:
Teepee: I got ours from Amazon, but I know there are a variety of shops online that carry them. I was focused on prime delivery, since we did not have much time.
Globe: clearance item at Home Goods
Sign: digital print from Etsy
Superhero wall prints: a treasure find from Ross
Bedsheets: Target

I intentionally left wall space for more pictures to be added, along with plenty of play room in the middle of the room. The boys LOVE their tent! Having boys is so much fun!

Nicole Brinson
Nicole Brinson
Nicole resides in the Land ‘O Lakes area with her husband and two young boys. A graduate of the University of South Florida with a degree in Exercise Science, Nicole has a love for all things fitness related, closely followed by a love for fashion and shopping! Nicole works full time in lighting and is an entrepreneur on the side, through her styling jobs with Stella & Dot as well as KEEP Collective. She tries to find the joy in every minute of her beautifully chaotic life. You can keep up with her over on her blog, Fashionably Fit Femme.

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