Review: Tiny Love™ Spin ‘n’ Kick Discovery Arch™

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Disclosure: I received a complimentary Tiny Love™ Spin ‘n’ Kick Discovery Arch™ in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Discovery Arch Review

I always wanted to be one of those parents who can say that their child is “a dream, just darling, so sweet and quiet and good.” The truth is that Max … well … he can be a little bit fussy. Or, a lot of bit, like when it’s the same level of fussiness, but it’s the middle of the night instead and everything is increased tenfold. He’s generally pretty fussy for the same reasons you’d expect: he’s hungry, he has a dirty diaper, he’s tired.

He also tends to get fussy when he wants interaction, which is always, even when he should be sleeping because he’s had a sleepless night. Sometimes I need a nap or to get stuff done around the house that’s super imperative. I’m sure all moms can relate to the feeling that, as much as you’d love to be hanging out with your child all the time, there are just those moments that you’d rather they rest so you can do what you need to.

I’ve found the trick to getting Max to not always be craving stimulation is by being sure he gets an adequate amount of play time. As a complete newbie mom, I’ve had to make sure I understand the balance. I’m incredibly grateful for fun infant toys that make him so happy, like tummy time on colorful mats and the Spin ‘n’ Kick Discovery Arch by Tiny Love.

discovery arch 2discovery arch 3

My husband and I make short trips to go out to eat, grocery shop, run small errands, all with Max by our side. He loves these outings, but in the stroller, he can get pretty bored, especially when he’s hanging out in there and the stroller isn’t moving. That’s where this toy comes into


The Discovery Arch attaches to the car seat or stroller very easily, and the first thing I was really excited about is the fact that this toy has activities for both the hands and the feet! When Max is excited, he kicks all over the place, so this part of the toy is a super bonus for us.


The two arches are adjustable so you can move them based on how your child sits in the car seat and stroller. Max, being just two months old, needs the arches to be at a precise setting so he can reach everything. And, if your little one happens to like the rotating feet paddles that rattle, you can adjust the arches so those paddles are within hands reach.


The toys on the Discovery Arch really held Max’s attention. Between the crinkly book and puppy rattle, he was pretty amused for as long as you can really get a newborn to be amused for!


I really recommend this toy for newborn and even through six months of age. The bright colors will capture your little one’s attention, and the different sounds they can illicit from the toy will definitely keep them entertained.

To learn more about the Tiny Love Spin “n” Kick Discovery Arch you can click here.

Jennifer Buggica
Jennifer Buggica
Jennifer is a Tampa native currently residing in Riverview with her husband and newborn son, Max. Motherhood is new to her and she's completely loving it, even during the late night witching hour of ceaseless fussing. Jennifer works full time in Marketing for a local credit union, but her true passion is her food blog, The Foodie Patootie, where she cooked through all of the national food holidays in 2014 and continues to introduce her readers to wholesome recipes as often as possible.

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