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EASY Valentine's Day Decor

I have a confession. Out of the nearly 200 pins on my DIY Pinterest board, I have probably completed two. I’m chuckling to myself over this. I just LOVE the idea of DIY, but I can’t seem to execute it as much as I love pinning it. I definitely appreciate the really easy, easy DIY projects or hacks out there, and I hope you do, too.

For Valentine’s Day, I wanted to recreate the mailbox idea to incorporate into my home decor, and simultaneously have a fun activity to share with my 3-year-old son. I found some cute and fun craft ideas for this, but I promise … this is the easiest.

Another passion I have is the Target dollar spot. Run to your nearest one and snap up these adorable felt envelopes and twine!


I created these note prompts and printed them out so that every morning I could grab one and pop it into his envelope. My son LOVED it! After reading my morning note to him, it actually inspired him to turn around ​and return a compliment, which was pretty heart melting. I was not expecting that!


I cut two slits in the envelope, wrapped the twine around the chair, then ran the twine through the envelope, and knotted it so that it would hang. Another alternative is to purchase velcro and attach it to the chair and to the envelope. It is simple and guaranteed to be a cute activity for you and your child.


Please share if you have any easy ideas for this non-DIY mama; and if you attempt this craft, show me how you did it.

PS: If you are a crafty mama, and want to create your own felt envelope, check this pin out.

XOXO & Happy Valentine’s!

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