The Peanuts Movie in Theaters November 6th

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The Peanuts are making a comeback to the big screen on November 6, 2015 with The Peanuts Movie. It’s a great opportunity to bring the kids for some family-fun and introduce them to the characters you grew up with including Charlie Brown and Snoopy.

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Watch the full trailer here:

The Mommy Spot Tampa Bay is excited to be partnering with Charlie Brown and Snoopy for the release of The Peanuts Movie and we are giving away six family-four-packs of tickets to have a sneak peek at the film on Sunday November 1, 2015.  The special screening will be at the AMC Veterans Theaters at 10:30am (keep in mind the clocks go back an hour on Sunday). Attendees will need to arrive 45 minutes in advance to ensure seating.

To enter to win your set of 4 tickets comment below answering “Why you are excited to bring your kids to see The Peanuts Movie?”

Good luck and see you there!

Giveaway ends Friday, October 30th at 11:59pm. Winners will be notified Saturday morning.

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  1. Run DMT says:

    My kids and I are so excited to see this film! We’re huge Peanuts fans! I most excited to actually see a Peanuts movie on the big screen instead of a DVD on our TV and to share the experience with my kids.

  2. Haleigh Almquist says:

    My son LOVES Snoopy and is finally old enough to sit through a movie!

  3. Sonia Amadeo says:

    Love the peanuts!!! They have been part of my childhood. I want my kids to se it on the big screen and enjoy it as I did myself.

  4. Mary says:

    I am excited to bring my kids to see the Peanuts movie because my initials are M.E.T. – like “get Met, it pays” and I work at MetLife! The Peanuts have literally been in my life forever and my kids would be so proud to see a movie based on the sponsors of MetLife!

  5. Jessica says:

    I am excited to take my kids to see the new Peanuts movie because I am a huge Peanuts fan and I am excited to share this with them. I am certain I will be falling in love with my favorite characters all over again!

  6. Mia says:


    I love and grew up watching Peanuts, the holiday special cartoons, and reading the comics! I even have snoopy plush toys my kids play with and have no clue what cartoon it’s from, lol I’m excited they made a movie and can’t wait to introduce my kids to my favorite childhood cartoon!

  7. Junie Dionson says:

    Pick me pick me 🙂 I can not wait for this movie to come in the big screen. My kids are small but they appreciate good quality animations 😉 my husband and I are big fans and would love to make awesome memories with the kids.

  8. Noelle cairns says:

    I’m excited to take my boys (age2 and 4) to see this movie. We call my youngest son Linus since he always drags his blankie all around. So I’m ready to introduce him to the real Linus in the movie.

  9. Mandi Mella says:

    My son is obsessed with Snoopy. He talks about thus movie non-stop. We have a Beagle puppy and he pretend plays that he is Charlie Brown and the puppy is snoopy! We would love to watch this movie together as a family. Thank you do much for the chance!

  10. Zooey says:

    The Peanuts movie is a classic that the whole family can enjoy!

  11. Rachel says:

    So excited for this! We’ll be at the screening too!

  12. Hello Amy says:

    I would love to bring my kids because we watch the peanuts gang almost everyday, no matter the holiday! So fun!!!!

  13. Thank you for the opportunity!
    I am excited because I grew up watching Peanuts, and it is so wonderful to get to share this new experience with my kids!

  14. Jessica Tate says:

    My three boys LOVE Charlie Brown and Snoopy and I LOVE my boys so would be SO excited to win tickets for them! I would take my three boys to dinner and the movie, leave their baby sister at home with Dad so we get some much needed quality Mommy/son time!
    Thank you for doing this fabulous giveaway!

  15. Cristine Vega-Perron says:

    I love spending time with my boys and I really think they’ll enjoy this movie!

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