Mommy Trendspotting: Rainy Day Must-Haves

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July 29, 2015
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August 10, 2015

Summers in Tampa are known for heavy rain along with the large muddy puddles we are seeing this year. But being a mommy doesn’t mean we can’t have fun jumping in the puddles with the kiddos.

Below you can find our rainy day mommy must-haves to battles the storms of motherhood and still look fashionable:

Rainy Day

1.  Joules Waterproof Parka : Raincoats aren’t just for kids! Typically we are the ones sacrificing our space in the umbrella so protect yourself with this fashionable waterproof parka by Joules. The neutral stripes will pair perfectly with any colored rain boot you may choose!

2. Kate Spade Rain Check Umbrella: Usually us moms hovered under an umbrella with at least one child in tow. Well now you can see perfectly through the umbrella while keeping everyone dry. And the cute “Rain Check” label brings a little fun to your rainy day!

3. Original Gloss Red Hunter Boots: Last, but not least, our favorite rain boots you can’t leave home without on a rainy day. Hunter boots come in an assortment of colors and will keep your little toes dry while jumping through the puddles with the kids in tow. As you can tell while designing our logo and branding we knew rain boots were a staple for a Tampa mommy’s closet!

Tampa mom-8

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